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Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you for creating the greatest soap I've ever bough homemade! I've spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars looking for a product to help with dry skin. I took a couple of samples from Alie and immediately felt a difference. I love everything about the different soaps and look forward to purchasing more, so thank you!

Jill B.

The scent is incredible, and it stays on for a while.

Jason F.

These soaps are great! They are beautiful, they smell great, and they left my hands soft and nice. I purchased one for my mom too and she was so excited. Thank you DillyDallyAlie Soaps!

Catherine B.

They're awesome - all the soaps are great! Scents are really calming and the soap is really soft on the skin.

Amy D.

They lather so nicely!

April A.

I used my new soap for the first time today and I am already in love! It lathered really nicely and left my skin feeling super soft. I will definitely be buying more!

Sam P.

Dilly Dally Soap!!! I can't tell you how amazing they feel and smell!! Alie has created such an amazing product!

Rebekah P.

I absolutely love your soaps. The smell last all day and does not feel heavy on the skin. Fantastic product!

Caleb C.

Having been in natural health, I have an affinity for quality and ingredients; especially when it comes to what I put on my skin. I have tried many soaps, scrubs, lip balms, ect. and DillyDallyAlie's products are top notch! You truly get what you pay for. The soaps lather well, smell amazing, and you get out of the shower feeling refreshed and clean. Best of all, it last all day. No disappointment here!

Donna D.

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